mardi 15 novembre 2016

Pop music

For me, the music hasn’t got a big place in my life. It still a kind of pleasure for time to time. My type of music is pop. I think all this generation of this time like pop. Pop music has in 1960 in the United states. These songs generally speak of love or relation ship between women and men, it focuses an individual song rather that on the album and essentially uses short songs with rythms associated with dance pop was  by technologies such as multi-track recording. 
My favourite pop singer is called « the weekend ».This real name is Abel tesfaye, he was born  in 1990.In his youth, Abel tesfaye is exposed to the musical influences of R&B and pop artists like Michael jackson, R. kelly and Prince.He left school at 17, settling with two friends in the parkdale neighborhood of toronto. He gets his first job in an American Apparel store it was  at this time that he began recording songs. One of the best song of Abel is « star boy » that song has got a nice lyrics and rythm. I often listen to music to relax and get nice time. Sometimes music it’s good thing to learn about others cultures.